Recent Changes

The following is a list of recent changes made to the CMDG standard guidelines and website.


  • Minor updates made to Standard Drawings:
    • CMDG-S-030
      • Additional line in applicability table added for inlet types.
      • Applicability table updated for number of internal drops for GRC.
      • Removal of House Branch Wording and note added regarding ownership of jump up/ house connections.
      • Construction extents hatched and delineated for clarity.
      • Additional vertical connection detail included for drops up to 2100
    • CMDG-G-018
      • Applicability table updated to changed to No for BSC, CHRC and LSC.
    • CMDG-G-019
      • Side gate detail added
      • Notes updated
      • Addition of reflective tape on gates across roads
      • Row added in applicability table to split applicability for “Gate across road” and “Side gate”


  • Minor updates made to Standard Drawings:
    • CMDG-G-020 - Standard Cattle Grid
    • CMDG-S-005. - Sewer Information, Fitting and Bend Symbols, Pipe Information and General Notes.
    • CMDG-W-090 - 20 & 25mm Service & Water Meter Connections.
  • Removed Standard Drawing CMDG-W-090A - 20 & 25mm Service & Water Meter Connections.
  •  Added Standard Drawing CMDG-W-005 - Sewer/Watermain Information Fitting and Bend Symbols, Pipe Information and General Notes.
  • Major changes made to Design Specification D5, refer Amendment History for more details.
  • Minor changes to Design Specification D6, refer Amendment History for more details.


  • Updates to C273 - Landscaping including minor changes to Annexure C273A, updated turf requirements, major update to Annexure C273C – GRC planting list (Also applies to IRC) and formatting updates.



  • Minor update to references in D4 - Subsurface Drainage Design



  • Recent changes webpage added
  • D13 - Small Earth Dams removed
  • Standard drawings table names updated: G-018 - Alternative Council Grid & G-020 - Standard Cattle Grid



If you would like any information on specific changes made to a document, please contact us.